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Member Spotlight – December 2013

December 15th, 2013  |  Published in Member Spotlight

This month’s Member Spotlight is dedicated to Al Teufen. Al was a friend, colleague and longtime ASMP/ONC member. He suddenly passed away in late October of this year.

Al had been an active and devoted ASMP – Ohio North Coast member since 1985, and was best known for his location, architectural and interior photography. In addition to serving on our chapter’s board for many years in various capacities, Al also held the position of ASMP/ONC President.

2013 ASMP/ONC Holiday Shoot-Out Winners

December 13th, 2013  |  Published in Uncategorized

The ASMP-ONC chapter recently held it’s annual Member’s Holiday Party / “Holiday Shoot-out”. Participants were given 10 minutes to photograph a variety of mystery objects, which were not seen until they had entered the shooting area. Two quest judges were assigned the task of choosing the winners. Below are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of the ASMP-ONC Holiday Shoot-out.

1st Place
John Kieger

2nd Place
Jennie Jones

3rd Place
Don Bensman Jr.

Dodd Camera Winter Show & Sale

December 3rd, 2013  |  Published in Uncategorized

Holiday Tech Gadgets VI

December 3rd, 2013  |  Published in Uncategorized


Meeting Type:
CDPUG Special Meeting

Meeting Starts:
9:30 AM

Cleveland State University
Student Center 313/315, 2121 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44114
Driving and Parking Directions

Eric Wethington, Dodd’s. Scott Seifert & Spike Radway of Team Spike Consulting, LLC. Brandon King from Simplex-IT. Jim Evans of GeekClean.

Free for members and for guests!

Raffle Prize(s):
Funds raised by the raffle will be donated to the Salvation Army.

Here we go again! The holidays are coming & everyone wants a new tech gadget. What cool devices offer a lot of functionality & the most bang for the buck? You can spend time reading reviews & watching video on the web. Decisions, decisions . . .

Wouldn’t be great if you could actually see things out of the box & being demonstrated by some of the top techies in Cleveland who really use the products? Well, you can, come on down to Holiday Tech Gadgets VI !!!

Updated Meeting Info – Click Here

The Greater Cleveland PC Users Group & the Cleveland Digital Publishing Group join forces at 9:30 am Saturday, Dec. 7th in our new location at Cleveland State (Student Center 313 / 315) and will demonstrate a variety of great stuff! As with anything related to technology, our lineup of gadgets is ever changing, be sure to check the meeting notice for updates and changes. Currently we have . . .

Eric Wethington from Dodd Camera will kick things off with the latest in camera technology. He will bring a couple cameras that everyone will want and a few camera accessories.

Are we in the age of wearable technology? Google’s Glass is a computer you wear like a pair of glasses. Brandon King from Simplex-IT, a beta tester for Glass, will demonstrate and talk about his experiences using it. Glass will be available in 2014.

Thermostats seem pretty boring and low-tech, but they control your home’s heating and cooling, and that can get expensive. Enter the Nest Thermostat, which can learn your schedule, program itself and be controlled remotely from your mobile device. Jim Evans has been using one and will demo it.

What’s new with the iPhone 5S? Scott Seifert of Team Spike Consulting, LLC will demonstrate the new Touch ID security feature to protect your data. He will also show off the new camera features including the AutoSense flash, which helps you take great pictures in low light.

Light bulbs are another area which seem boring and low-tech. The bulbs we grew up with and even the CFL bulbs are giving way to LED bulbs. Scott Seifert will show how Phillips is packing programmable tech into it’s Hue connected bulbs to create your personal wireless lighting environment so you can have custom mood lighting.

You have your video monitor, sound system, media player, Roku, Apple TV, etc. How do you control them all from the couch without running back and froth? Enter the Logitech Harmony Remotes. Spike Radway of Team Spike Consulting, LLC will be demonstrating his. These aren’t your father’s old universal remotes.

Tablets, tablets, yes we got tablets. Microsoft has updated their Surface Pro. Brandon King will show what’s new with the Surface Pro 2. Meanwhile, Apple has updated and rebranded the classic iPad as the iPad Air. Spike Radway will show off it’s light weight and increased power.

Raffle Prizes
Books from O’Reilly
• iPad: The Missing Manual, 6th Edition
• iPhone: The Missing Manual, 7th Edition
• iPod: The Missing Manual, 11th Edition
• Office 2013: The Missing Manual
• Photoshop Elements 12: The Missing Manual
• WordPress: The Missing Manual
• OS X Mavericks: The Missing Manual
• Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Mountain Lion Edition
• Windows 8.1: The Missing Manual
• Windows 8.1: Out of the Box, 2nd Edition

Software from Simplex-IT
• Microsoft Office 2013 (Product Key)
• Microsoft Windows 8 (Product Key)

Click here for parking information and directions to the meeting room.

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While an RSVP is not required for our members and guests to attend, it is strongly encouraged! Click here to submit an RSVP. Thank you for your help!