ASMP Seminar – Should I Be Thinking About Video

September 9th, 2010  |  Published in Events, News

Gail Mooney will discuss the increased demand for video and how to identify potential opportunities for you. What tools do you need? How do you change your thinking from still to motion? What are the business models for video production?

Seminar topics

• Markets for video

• Tips for shooting motion

• How to get good audio

• How to shoot great interviews

• Camera gear suggestions

• Editing hardware and software suggestions

• Business of video production — how not to be just a content provider

• Common mistakes photographers make and how to avoid them


Wednesday, September 22, 2010
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Social time starts at 6:30 PM

Dodd Professional

2077 East 30th Street

Cleveland, OH

Pre-registration is required to be eligible for door prizes.

25.00 — ASMP Member
0.00 — ASMP Leader
50.00 — Non-member
40.00 — Professional Association member *
10.00 — Student *

Door Prizes
A copy of The ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography book
An ADBASE Regional Subscription + Emailer (worth up to $990)

News from NOCA

September 9th, 2010  |  Published in News

Forum Deux
The entire second season of the NOCA ONE INDUSTRY forums has been set.  The first Forum – titled, “Marketing the Arts,” will be Wednesday, October 2, 2010 at The Plain Dealer – 1801 Superior Avenue.  The cost is $20 per person.  Online registrations may be made here.

The second forum, scheduled for November 10, will focus on the perspectives of several local PR pros as to how our community can/should handle the return of LeBron, the Decision-Maker.  That should stoke a Heated discussion.

Improve Yourself
If you work in marketing communications you have two opportunities to improve your professional standing.

The first is a four-part series on “Post Recession Communications” presented by the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Kent State.  The program includes two, full-day seminars on Kent’s main campus, and two, 90-minute webinars.  Full information is available at:

The second is the Social Media Lab which was designed to be a “think tank” on social media for Cleveland, Ohio.  In partnership with Virginia Marti College, the Lab is targeted toward business owners, managers and individuals.  More information.